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April 24, 2015

Issues with recordings



I heard from a few clients recently that the recordings of their sessions with me are disappearing after they download them. If this has happened for you, please please please contact me and let me know! This is an error and should not be the case. I have utilized different services for sending large files over the years and some work differently than others. I have all my recordings stored permanently and confidentially and I can always resend a recording to you. Meanwhile I am looking into the issue and looking for different options. 


4/28/2015 UPDATE: I got confirmation from some clients that the recordings do not disappear after downloading, but they may be difficult to find (so sorry about that)! For example here is what one person wrote to me regarding two older recordings past the download link’s expiration date: “I found the recording! It automatically went into a folder in my iTunes music library called ‘my recording,’ then into a folder ‘unknown album!’ The files were numbered... for example ‘Z0000049.’ I also found a previous one in there!”

Hope that is helpful!!


For people with smart phones I also discovered a way to send the recording directly over text message without utilizing a service to send large files. No link that way. Just straight downloading to your phone (or computer if you have Messages on your computer). Not exactly sure where it gets downloaded to but it seems to be working for people. :)

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