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January 20, 2011

Sun, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune all in Aquarius



Today the Sun joins Mars, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius ♒, bringing the essence of the Water Bearer strongly into focus. The glyph ♒ is 2 serpents, symbolic of knowledge, which the Water Bearer is pouring forth. Aquarius opens us to revolutionary breakthroughs, freeing us from structures and paradigms no longer adequate for the expansion of consciousness that is unfolding, within oneself and collectively.

Sun in Aquarius from 1/20/11 to 2/17/11
Mars in Aquarius from 1/15/11-2/22/11
Chiron in Aquarius from 2/22/05 to 2/9/11
Neptune in Aquarius from 1/29/98 to 4/4/11

December 14, 2010

Mercury, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn



Mercury Retrograde and Mars join Pluto in 5º Capricorn ♑. The Sabian for 5º Capricorn: “An American Indian encampment rests by the side of a canoe-filled stream and on shore the war dance commences.” A war dance is like a psychodrama. It gives expression to conflicting or aggressive impulses, without actually causing any harm. This Sabian provides a clue about how to channel the current potentially volatile energies productively.


Interestingly, this Sabian also perfectly reflects the conjunction of the 3 mentioned planets and the sign in which they are meeting. Shadow material that is ready to be transformed could surface (Pluto) and be expressed (Mercury) finally (retrograde), and possibly in an aggressive way (Mars). Honor the prevailing Capricorn sky by being as practical and efficient in your process, as possible (i.e. do a psychodrama as opposed to a real fight, which transmutes the energy without creating a mess).

November 25, 2010

Mercury and Mars conjunct



For the last few days, Mercury and Mars have been traveling very close together in Sagittarius. This combination can inspire us to speak our truth boldly and assertively, which is important and freeing. But at the same time, be aware of the possibility of being too blunt, harsh, or reactive!

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