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September 7, 2011

Jupiter retrograde and the Jupiter/Pluto trine - my reply to a clientís concern



Recently a client expressed anxiety about Jupiter being retrograde, after having multiple frustrating experiences with the last Mercury retrograde, and asked for further clarification and reassurance from me about this current retrograde planet. This is easy to give as Jupiter retrograde is a completely different story from Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules everyday business and communication, so when it is moving backwards slowing things down, it can be frustrating if day-to-day circumstances in our lives need to move forward quickly. In this particular client’s case, Mercury was retrograding back into the part of his chart which has to do with communication and day-to-day business (the 3rd house, Mercury’s own house) —meaning he may have experienced a double whammy in terms of miscommunications, problems, and delays regarding everyday decisions and issues. Then Mercury retrograded back into the area of his chart which has to do with resources — financial and otherwise (the 2nd house). This could have corresponded with serious re-thinking about his finances. Perhaps the economy being rather volatile lately added to his stress. Read more...

September 6, 2011

How to decode the birth chart - my reply to a client/readerís question



Recently I received a question, referencing my last blog about Jupiter retrograde, which I thought was an excellent question and one that other readers probably have as well. The question was:


“Is there an easy way for you to explain how I can look at my chart and see ‘where you have these degrees of Taurus in your chart (and other planets in early degrees which may be aspected’? I never understand that stuff. How do I know if it’s ‘aspected?’”


For people who have not studied astrology, the explanation below may seem complicated, as I have to begin to delve into the technical side of astrology in order to answer the question. For those with an interest however, I hope this will be helpful. Read more...

September 1, 2011

Jupiter retrograde (Aug 30-Dec 25)



On August 30th, Jupiter ♃ - the planet of increase, optimism, and the search for truth - stopped, turned around, and began traveling in reverse. Jupiter will be retrograde for almost 4 months, taking the journey and the search backwards (for review and synthesis) and inwards (seeking inner truth). Jupiter will travel from 10 degrees back to 0 degrees Taurus ♉. Where you have these degrees of Taurus in your chart (and other planets in early degrees which may be aspected) gives a clue about the area of life where you will have an opportunity to reassess recent expansion... The energy of Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help us to refine and stabilize what was developing, appreciate the gains that were made, and ground them in practical, usable ways. One way to make the aspirations (Jupiter) sustainable over time (a Taurus concern) is by finding our way, Taurus style, meaning less effort and more enjoyment, less doing and more being. Read more...

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