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“My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. Some remarkable things have turned up which will certainly appear incredible to you.”

~Carl Jung in a letter to Sigmund Freud (June 12, 1911)


Astrological Counseling

I offer astrological counseling for psycho-spiritual exploration, understanding, and transformation. Astrology utilized in this way can be a missing key for deep inner work and can shed light on the path towards greater harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of one’s life journey. My approach to astrology is to share the potentials and opportunities I see while exploring how the symbols and archetypes are manifesting uniquely for each individual. Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-knowledge and a help in times of challenge or transition. It can facilitate tremendous insight and peace, as well as provide timelines for certain archetypal or energetic influences reflected in our lives and inner states of being. Consultations available for birth chart exploration, current influences, relationship dynamics, and timing for important events. 


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December 17, 2010

Galileo and Newton were also astrologers



Did you know that at one time astrology was mainly associated with mathematics and astronomy, and many historic astronomers, such as Galileo and Newton, were also astrologers?

December 16, 2010

Now offering digital audio recordings of all sessions



After having clients tell me it was absolutely necessary that I begin recording sessions, I now have a digital voice recorder and can email you an audio file of the session!

This is an example of using Mercury retrograde to follow up on things one has been meaning to get around to doing.

December 14, 2010

Mercury, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn



Mercury Retrograde and Mars join Pluto in 5º Capricorn ♑. The Sabian for 5º Capricorn: “An American Indian encampment rests by the side of a canoe-filled stream and on shore the war dance commences.” A war dance is like a psychodrama. It gives expression to conflicting or aggressive impulses, without actually causing any harm. This Sabian provides a clue about how to channel the current potentially volatile energies productively.


Interestingly, this Sabian also perfectly reflects the conjunction of the 3 mentioned planets and the sign in which they are meeting. Shadow material that is ready to be transformed could surface (Pluto) and be expressed (Mercury) finally (retrograde), and possibly in an aggressive way (Mars). Honor the prevailing Capricorn sky by being as practical and efficient in your process, as possible (i.e. do a psychodrama as opposed to a real fight, which transmutes the energy without creating a mess).

December 13, 2010

How to align with Mercury retrograde



Some examples of how to align with Mercury retrograde energy are: reflect about recent interactions and transactions that may need to be reviewed, reevaluated or adjusted, get back to things you’ve put on the back burner, get back in touch with people with whom you’ve lost contact, catch up on correspondence, and complete unfinished projects.

December 12, 2010

Mercury retrograde tip of the day



Mercury Retrograde tip of the day (based on personal experience!): Because the chances are high of there being a change of plans or a potential communication gap during this period, call ahead and double check first for cancellations before waking up early on Sunday morning and driving in the snow. :-)

December 10, 2010

Mercury retrograde and Sun, Mars, Pluto nearby



Mercury (☿) turned retrograde (℞) at 7:06a EST. The days of transition can be especially intense (See yesterday’s post for more about Mercury retrograde). Also, the Sun, Mars and Pluto are traveling close to Mercury now (mid Sagittarius through early Capricorn). Where you have these signs in your chart you could be feeling a concentration [or frenzy] of activity, like an acupuncture needle stimulating a pressure point.

December 9, 2010

Mercury is retrograde 12/10-12/30



Mercury ☿ is retrograde 12/10-12/30. Mercury rules the mind, communication, media, daily business & travel. When retrograde a planet’s expression tends to be more internal. Externally life may appear to go wrong or backwards, but it is to encourage a contemplative focus, and is part of the ebb and flow. Regarding business, decisions, and contracts that require sharp thinking or speaking wait until after 12/30 to act, if possible.

December 7, 2010

The ultimate purpose of a significant transit



The ultimate purpose of a significant transit (current planetary influence) affecting one’s natal chart is to create inner change and expansion. Frequently this comes as a result of needing to make adjustments to big outer events in our lives. But other times we shift inside, without a big external event, as a result of subtle (yet often Herculean) inner work - and maybe a touch of grace.

Credit to Benjamin Bernstein and Diane Applebaum for both reminding me of this general idea, independently, on the same day. Love synchronicities!

December 5, 2010

New Moon in Sagittarius, Uranus direct



We have a New Moon (New cycle, new beginning. Take the initiative and plant a seed for something you want to grow) in Sagittarius ♐ (Supports optimism and expansive vision)! Also, Uranus ♅ is going direct after 5 months of being retrograde. There could be sudden changes, breakthroughs, and exciting paradigm shifts. Listen and watch for flashes of insight and embrace that which frees you to move forward on your path.


The New Moon is at 12:36pm EST and Uranus turns direct at 8:51pm EST... Discovering how the transiting planets are interacting with your own chart gives more specific information; for instance, with Uranus, what and where the changes and breakthroughs might look like...

December 3, 2010

Mazal Tov



In honor of Hanukkah, here is an interesting bit of history the Jewish phrase Mazal Tov, which is now used to express congratulations, has its roots in astrology. It literally means: “May you enjoy a favorable star.”

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